Time Management System (TMS)

Create a stringent employee time-tracking solution with Time Management System. Tedious tasks for monitoring employee movement and attendance become easy work with TMS’ web-based staff monitoring system. It accurately crunches numbers collected from time-tracking devices such as biometric readers and ID scanners. The software organizes your operations, improving employee performance and supporting error-free payroll calculations.


  • Compatible with external data collection devices such as biometric readers, badge terminals, barcode/RFID scanners, and web-based timesheets
  • Generates configurable attendance reports that may be viewed in multiple formats
  • Provides permissions and restrictions to limit the data collected by specific personnel


Companies and organisations

can drill down on specific employee movement such as overtimes, shift differentials, leaves, and absences with the TMS. With an electronic time-capturing system, the enforcement of attendance policies and sanctions are automated. This improves productivity and satisfaction within the workforce.

Human resources departments

can accurately track employee absenteeism and create error-free calculations come payday. Using the TMS can prevent employees from being under or overcompensated, controlling labour costs and handling timely payrolls.