Geo Locator

Track and locate with accuracy using the Geo Locator. This software uses Global Positioning System (GPS) technology to pinpoint and monitor objects or persons fitted with a GPS device through a digital map. The Geo Locator is set up to swiftly identify objects in any given scenario, whether for rescue situations, delivering goods, or tracking assets moving in the real world.


  • Complies with modern standards of GPS usage for superior accuracy and coverage
  • Runs a continuous tracking system that allows data to be sent and received in real-time
  • Offers strict levels of privacy with user-controlled systems
  • Allows quick deployment with an easy-to-use interface
  • Requires no costly system upgrades to run
  • Tracks personnel, vehicles, and other assets using geolocation


Rescue and law enforcement departments

can use the Geo Locator to attend to emergency situations in any given vicinity swiftly and accurately. Police and fire rescue teams can locate lost or injured people using GPS technology, even if they can’t provide a precise location.

Industries that track moving goods

such as fleet management, transit operations, courier services, and mobile sales operations can make better records of delivery using the software.

Network operators and mobile maintenance companies

can provide subscriber-location information as a service using the software.