Document Tracker (DOT)

Locate obscure files in seconds and never miss a step with the Document Tracker. This powerful physical document tracker relies on a barcode or RFID-based system to tag, archive, and monitor all your files. Identify and retrieve the exact file from any location, from the most hidden filing cabinet to an entirely different database or facility. The DOT saves hours on identification and location with simple controls that can zip through your digital records intelligently.


  • Enables ID labelling on physical documents using a barcode or RFID that is automatically archived in the software’s database
  • Supports file/item creation, file deletion, reassignment of files to other locations, and the monitoring of files checked in and out of storage
  • Allows users to set permissions and passwords for increased security
  • Provides intelligent search capabilities that sweep through your archive in real-time
  • Embeds each archived ID label with important document-related information for quick identification
  • Produces reports on changes, additions, and wait-listed documents


Medical, finance, and legal organizations

who mostly deal with paper-based documents in large quantities can label documents using the DOT. Critical information such as the nature of the file, clients or patients involved, and the urgency of the file’s content may be affixed on the digital label for quick identification.

Manufacturing companies

can create a database of their production output using the DOT. Information such as the quantity of a particular product may be collated from the software’s comprehensive archiving feature.