Uses of GPS Trackers

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The GPS (Global Positioning System) tracker is steadily becoming a necessity among the public. People are becoming familiar with the many uses of the devices equipped with this technology. GPS was created for the use of the military but these days it is also installed in cars, cell phones and tablets. There are even small versions of GPS trackers that are integrated on watches or other hiking and trekking equipment. Anyone or anything with GPS device can be tracked in any location as long as there is access to the Internet.

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Tips in Buying a GPS Device

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GPS systems have been a great have used maps to know the directions to a specific destination but it is a pain to use a map especially when you don’t really know your exact location. Thank God for GPS! These devices can deliver location of a person, object or animal in a matter of seconds.

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Islamic Library to be available online soon

1st Monday, 2011  |  Blog  |  no comments

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Bruneian scholars and researchers will soon have access to a complete Islamic knowledge centre boasting online capabilities, thanks to a contract signing made between Alif Technologies and the State Mufti’s Office. Rasidah Hab of The Brunei Times writes that the agreement will see to the digitalisation of the Perpustakaan Islam Brunei (also known as Brunei Islamic Library), where public access via the internet will become possible. read more

AMIR Consortium Discussion with Local SMEs

14th Sunday, 2010  |  Blog  |  no comments

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AMIR Consortium, a group of technology companies in Brunei, invited local SME’s for a conference about business and trade.

The Amir Consortium consists of Alif Technologies, Mimit E Technologies, Indah Sejahtera Development and Services, and Rafiqun IT services. During the meeting, the Consortium introduced, which will serve as a business portal for local SMEs and foreign investors.

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